The penetrating constant humming of tinnitus can range from irritating to annoying for many people. It may create difficulties of hearing the conversations. If one fights back with this condition, the therapy treatment that one can go for is online tinnitus retraining therapy.

Getting to the depth of Tinnitus, diverse cases have been studied to be linked to hearing loss, mostly when the cochlea, nerve cells or hair cells in the ear are injured by physical causes or the vibration from loud noises.


Retraining Therapy (TRT) is a course of learning to manage with tinnitus on a conscious and subconscious level. This technique has helped a lot of people. This therapy is based on identifying the sound rate where the tinnitus exists. It then creates a pitch that includes a series of frequencies on either side of that note, which “cancels out” that single pitch noise. One can do this tinnitus retraining therapy online by logging in and identifying the pitch when it occurs. If the pitch shifts during the therapy, one can then adjust it further as per new pitch to match what you are hearing. Further the process is of downloading the sound into an mp3 player and listening to it for 1.5 hours per day. It is in use at the alleged source of the tinnitus and aims to teach the brain to ignore it. With this practice over time, the sound of tinnitus considerably reduces.


  • Wide-ranging collection of information about the patient that includes his history and daily living habits.
  • Use of appropriate devices worn behind the ear and generating broad-band noise to switch attention of the patient somewhere else.
  • Psychological therapy instructing the patient to overlook the tinnitus noise. This is done along with deep recreation exercises and stress management with the object to eliminate the patient’s anxiety.
  • The ultimate goal is complete taming of the noise.

As a result successful TRT patients are not troubled by their tinnitus, even though they are aware of it. We are here to give you different counseling approaches to assist with tinnitus.Contact us at info@tinnitusretrain.com or visit our website http://www.tinnitusretrain.com and get to the core of therapy.


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