Tinnitus is the medical wave for the sensation of hearing sound in the ears or head when no external sound is present which appears disturbing to mind. The important thing to know is that tinnitus is not a state or a disease. It is only a symptom usually of something bigger likely to be caused by ear infections, high blood pressure and most common hearing loss.

More than a problem nowadays it is essential to know how to get away with this unwanted noise. True facts and knowledge are must to go deep into the causes of the problem and its cure thereafter. It’s important to know that everyone’s tinnitus is different and that is why it has made finding relief so mysterious until now.

The doctor recommends that the sufferer should go deep into the cause and effect of the tinnitus. Following the video aids prepared for this is good enough to enhance the knowledge. These relief videos on tinnitus presents a selection of areas that how the tinnitus emerge, what are the causes and the following effects to decrease the annoyance of tinnitus, to provide temporary relief, to help appease and ease the symptoms of tinnitus which are intended to be followed over a matter of days or weeks.

There are tinnitus cure videos about the various strategies people use to adjust to the sound of their Tinnitus and also to share the exclusive way to find relief. Our web site is committed to provide tinnitus treatments land the necessary help, support and advice one need to be able to easily control tinnitus.

By studying and analyzing the tinnitus information in the videos and on these pages one will be able to quickly determine the cause of the tinnitus and exactly what one should do to get immense relief.

The systematic approach of videos will help the sufferer to adopt and build a more pleasing and healthier outlook for the future by adopting various techniques. Contact us at or visit our website and get treated using tinnitus videos and hypnotherapy.



It’s annoying to be incapable to hear well enough to enjoy talking with people.Hearing disorders make it hard to hear though they can often be helped. There are number of possibilities causing these disorders or give rise to the problem of tinnitus namely:

  • Heredity
  • Diseases such as ear infections and meningitis
  • Certain medicines
  • Long-term exposure to loud noise
  • Aging

Medical research carried out indicates that tinnitus is caused by absent or reduced nerve activity in the nerves which connect the injured part of the inner ear to the central nervous system in the brain. This then further leads to increased nerve action as the signals travel to the hearing centre of the brain and due to recurring activity a sound is heard even though the ear is not picking up any sound from its surroundings leading to many hearing disorders and mainly tinnitus.

There is no effective cure for tinnitus, however there is a lot of research going on in this field. The research is mainly into causes, effects, and treatments. One of the first steps often taken is to educate people thereby a number of Tinnitus relief videos are prepared providing reliable information to help understand the condition to the core. This particular solution is free and experts are of the opinion that this seems pretty harmless and at the same time quite educated as these videos go to the core of the ringing problem, its deep causes and come out with possible treatments that are available at present. It’s unlikely to have a negative consequence and if such aids mentioned in the videos are done and somebody’s happy doing this 10 times a day to get 10 minutes of relief then it is worth.

Specialized tests are always performed to diagnose tinnitus and a treatment protocol along with such relief videos can be prescribed and administered to help finally find break. After watching such video, people have started noticing the subtle tone that would slowly come back into head/ears and remains there. Contact us at or visit our website and get to the core of how to reach the ultimate habituation of problem.


Tinnitus is now has become physical truth, but the way we respond to it is completely based on an expressively subjective perspective. For many people who suffer from tinnitus, there will come a time when they begin to understand that their tinnitus is here to stay. This consciousness can be overpowering to a large percentage of people. However, the same realization can also be the very first step to healing. Tinnitus natural habituation will be your ultimate goal. Once you become habituated, you will be able to live fully as you used to do before tinnitus. It will still be there, but you will no longer be preoccupied by it. The ability to concentrate fully will become as easy as it can be.

The process of habituation will not ensue all at once. It will be a slow process. It will take time to reach your target.Tinnitus habituation can be achieved naturally and in a relatively short amount of time by a number of methods. Some of them to get rid of tinnitus are:

  • Hearing aids – Many tinnitus patients have disclosed experiencing soothes and relief from the condition while they are wearing hearing aids.Experts believe this is likely due to the way in which hearing aids augment ambient sounds so that they can cover the unlikeable tinnitus noises.
  • Biofeedback – Doctors have found a strong connection between tinnitus and trauma, thereby doctors have begun using biofeedback so that patients can learn how to control and how their bodies counter to it.This can take account of things like moderating skin temperature and pulse and also relieving muscle tension.
  • Planning to rejuvenate: It’s normal to feel restless and aggravated when first develop tinnitus. But stress and agonize can make the symptoms worse. It’s always advisable to relax until you find what works best for you.

By defining some clear and proven pathways and goals the tinnitus victim will begin to build a more pleasing and healthier outlook for the future. Contact us at or visit our website and get to the core of how to reach the ultimate habituation of problem.


The penetrating constant humming of tinnitus can range from irritating to annoying for many people. It may create difficulties of hearing the conversations. If one fights back with this condition, the therapy treatment that one can go for is online tinnitus retraining therapy.

Getting to the depth of Tinnitus, diverse cases have been studied to be linked to hearing loss, mostly when the cochlea, nerve cells or hair cells in the ear are injured by physical causes or the vibration from loud noises.


Retraining Therapy (TRT) is a course of learning to manage with tinnitus on a conscious and subconscious level. This technique has helped a lot of people. This therapy is based on identifying the sound rate where the tinnitus exists. It then creates a pitch that includes a series of frequencies on either side of that note, which “cancels out” that single pitch noise. One can do this tinnitus retraining therapy online by logging in and identifying the pitch when it occurs. If the pitch shifts during the therapy, one can then adjust it further as per new pitch to match what you are hearing. Further the process is of downloading the sound into an mp3 player and listening to it for 1.5 hours per day. It is in use at the alleged source of the tinnitus and aims to teach the brain to ignore it. With this practice over time, the sound of tinnitus considerably reduces.


  • Wide-ranging collection of information about the patient that includes his history and daily living habits.
  • Use of appropriate devices worn behind the ear and generating broad-band noise to switch attention of the patient somewhere else.
  • Psychological therapy instructing the patient to overlook the tinnitus noise. This is done along with deep recreation exercises and stress management with the object to eliminate the patient’s anxiety.
  • The ultimate goal is complete taming of the noise.

As a result successful TRT patients are not troubled by their tinnitus, even though they are aware of it. We are here to give you different counseling approaches to assist with tinnitus.Contact us at or visit our website and get to the core of therapy.

Can Sound Therapy Help Tinnitus?

Tinnitus 1                                       Can an audio illusion help heal tinnitus?

We know that exposure to loud noises can cause tinnitus, but could a noise also be the solution to curing tinnitus? In other words cana sound therapy called binaural beats cure tinnitus?

Before we explorethis exciting area of brain science let me explain exactly what is a binaural beat? Then we can look at whether sound therapy can help tinnitus.

A binaural beat is an auditory illusion perceived when two different “pure-tone” sine waves, both having frequencies lower than 1500 Hz and both with less than a 40 Hz difference between them, are presented to a listener via the left and right ear (in other words a unique tone for each ear). When this takes place the listener will perceive an auditory illusion of a third tone. That is a third tone in addition to the two “pure-tones” which are presented in the left and right ear. It is this third tone, which is called the binaural beat.

The fascination thing is that this illusionary toneisn’t really in your ears whatsoever, but somewhere within the auditory receptors of our brain.

So is thebinaural beat simply a masking technique or can these illusionary binaural beats cure tinnitus?

First off binaural beats, if used correctly, at the right frequency is not a masking device but a very useful and powerful tool.A masking device is considered something, which simply distracts the suffering individual from the offending stimuli, such as a rainfall sound or a waterfall sound. Binaural beats are all together a very different concept.

According to recent research the human brain has the ability to replace its dominant electrical response frequency (in this case tinnitus) and mimic or copy a frequency from an external stimulus (a specific binaural beat set at the right tone)
It’s this ability of the brain, which encourages brainwave adjustment, balance and relaxation.

Using the principle of “frequency attachment,” over time the brain can reproduce the frequency it receives via auditory or visual stimulation, leading to a desired change.

This research has led some therapists toask the question “can sound therapy help tinnitus?” And if so is binaural beats as an effective cure (prefer to use the word habituation) for tinnitus?
With this being said, I’m not one to just take someone’s word for it, I needed to experience this for myself and truly see if binaural beats can cure/treat tinnitus?

I’m still a firm believer that we all react to different treatments in different ways. Some react favorably to a method, whilst others see no real benefits. This is one of the reasons why TRT has such a varied and broad treatment spectrum. We leave no stone unturned in our all-natural approach to tinnitus habituation.

So after conducting my own binaural research, both on myself and my clients, I’d have to conclude by saying that sound therapy in the form of binaural beats do work, but not solely on their own.
They are a powerful complimentary addition to natural tinnitus habituation, but on their own, they are not the answer to our tinnitus prayers.

Why is this? Well, tinnitus is a multi faceted condition one which straddles the physical and emotional realms and no “one” therapy covers the entire holistic spectrum.

One thing I can assure is that binaural therapy will not work without a firm understanding of the roots of your tinnitus suffering, in fact nothing works without truly understanding the subjective nature of tinnitus and its subsequent suffering.

Tinnitus 2

Can sound therapy help tinnitus? Not without first understanding the root cause of tinnitus suffering

But binaural beat therapy certainly does compliment the tinnitus retraining process and it will for sure aid you and open the pathways, which allow for true habituation.

Here is a recent quote from a prominentresearcher after an exhaustive experiment using binaural beats on tinnitus sufferers.

“We believe this modality is very effective, it positively affects both habituation to the reaction of the offending stimuli by its relaxing effect causing a habituation to the perception. This dual effect can be achieved because the BWE auditory stimulation is very pleasant to listen to. This enables it to provide a positive daily stimulation, which in turn produces an extra relaxation effect when incorporated with other auditory cognitive relaxation techniques.”

It’s due to this promising research that we have now incorporated a sequence of 4 ascending binaural beats at 5Hz into our program.

Tinnitus 3The right frequency is required

Why 5Hz I hear you ask?

Well not all binaural beats are created equally and not all do the same thing once listened too.

Binaural beats are generally separated into four wavesit’s these waves that match the brain’s vibrational states during various points of consciousness and unconsciousness.

The waves are as follows, alpha, beta, theta and delta. Alphais generally considered relaxing, calming (not thinking) beta is our awakened state, normal, alert, conscious. Theta is the brain’s state during deep relaxation, meditation and mental imagery. And finally delta represents the waves of deep, dreamless sleep.

The waves we are interested in are those that resonate between 4-8Hz the theta waves.It’s these waves, which areclosely associated with our brain’s state when meditating or in deep relaxation. So dwelling in the theta state when treatingour tinnitus is considered the optimal state.

There are other binaural waves, such as beta, which have been known to irritate and increase tinnitus agitation. Beta waves are typically anywhere between 14-30Hz and represent the alert, hyperactive state of our brain.

Submerging ourselves in the theta state during the habituation process will reduce excessive beta wave frequencies, which we know enhances hyperactivity and awareness. When overriding our beta waves with alpha and theta waves, we not only promotetranquility and relaxation we also promote acceptance.

The use of binaural tones in therapy is a relatively new field of neurological science and thus far all the news points in a positive direction.
Binaural therapy is firmly in line with TRT’s mantra of allowing the intelligence of the body to heal its self.
If there is anything we have learnt during these years of studying tinnitus it is that the subjective nature of tinnitus does not need drugs, expensive or complicated therapies or drastic surgeries to overcome.

How so? Ask yourself one simple question this one question. Why is it the vast majority of those afflicted with tinnitus are either oblivious or not bothered by their tinnitus whatsoever? And before you say, well, my tinnitus is louder, research now tells us that it has nothing to do with an individuals tone, pitch, volume or type which they are afflicted by, but rather the way in which they perceive the noise in their heads. Tinnitus is physical, but the way in which we suffer is subjective. Tinnitus suffering is an emotional condition more than anything else, learn how to change your perception and you’ll bypass your suffering.

So can sound therapy help tinnitus? Test them out for yourself and see if you notice any reduction in irritation.